Encouraging Marriage & Discouraging Divorce: A Scientific Case for Marriage in Light of Quran and Sunnah

Dr. Gohar Mushtaq | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 108 | Size: 2 MB

This book is an excellent source of inspiration and information for Muslim youth and Muslim elderly alike. This book accentuates the benefits of marriage and explains that marriage is not just simply “living together” but it has profound medical and social benefits. Quite uniquely, this book also provides, in a scientific way, an in-depth evidence for the terrorizing harms of divorce on individuals, children and society at large. Practical suggestions have also been provided to young Muslim couples to avoid conflicts in their marital life and lead a blissful, nuptial life. The author has provided evidence from Qur’an and Sunnah, a wealth of statistics, a sound reasoning to explain them, and evidences from 100s of published scientific studies to make a scientific case to encourage marriages and discourage divorce.

Author: Dr. Gohar Mushtaq