Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Waqar Asghar Peroz is an educationist and research scholar. He is the author of the book Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The book is about the life history of Quaid e Azam. He was the founder of Pakistan and the father of the nation. The book included the true bravery and moral qualities of Quaid e Azam. Waqar Asghar Peroz told how Muhammad Ali led the independence movement during his illness and old age. It was the passion of Jinnah. He wanted to do something for his nation. Quid e Azam encouraged the country after the partition. It was a difficult time for the people when millions migrated to one another.

Quaid e Azam became a visionary leader and planned to build a strong nation. He advised the people to work hard for a bright future. Waqar Asghar Peroz also quoted many speeches of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Author: Waqar Asghar Peroz