Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

Almas MA is the author of the book Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. It is a historical novel. The book is about the life, rule, and victories of Sultan Yousaf Saladin Ayoobi. The author used historical references to talk about the biography of the Sultan. It converted the book into a history book. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was a great military commander and warrior. On another side, he was an excellent administrator and ruler. The Muslims consider him a hero of the Crusade wars. Sultan was the governor of Egypt in the Zangi dynasty. He was very close to the Noor Ud Din of Zangi. Noor Ud Din Zangi favored Salahuddin to stop the Crusade soldiers. He gave the troops to Salahuddin many times, and sometimes he came to help him on the battlefield.